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VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin

VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin

VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin


Find out where I stand on issues that matter to you

Issues that all Texans care about.


Health Care


  • We need to expand Medicaid, reduce the cost of insulin & other lifesaving drugs, and make healthcare affordable for al 
  • I don’t believe Texans should be penalized for getting a job and supporting their families. Yet that is just what our current Medicaid rules do! 
  • If someone earns over $208 a month, they lose their Medicaid – giving them more incentive to stay unemployed and on Medicaid than to grab that first rung of the ladder!
  • I want to expand Medicaid to cover all low-income working people in Texas, not just children or pregnant women.  
  • If there is one measure the Legislature could make that would change lives overnight it would be to expand State Medicaid, which would provide millions of working Texans with much needed health insurance, add millions of dollars back into our Texas economy.
  • Dustin Burrows has voted NO on expanding Medicaid for years. It’s time to vote YES and make healthcare work for all Texans!  
  • We live in a state with a good economy and bountiful natural resources, yet 1 in 5 Texas children don’t have health insurance (nearly twice the national average). 


Equal Human Rights

 Voter Rights!

  • Texas's Voter registration process is outdated. In this digital age, does an old-fashioned 30-day waiting period make sense? Let’s give every voter a voice, with Automatic Voter Registration for US Citizens in Texas! 

Equal rights for LGBT in Texas.

  • Every Texan deserves equal protection under the law. It’s time to add gender identity to anti- discrimination laws.

Racial/gender/orientation hate crime law

  • Too many transgender and LGBT people are murdered or beaten. Yet Texas does not have a hate crime law that covers gender identity


  • Texas hate crime law covers sexual orientation but not gender identity, meaning someone motivated by anti-gay malice could receive an upped criminal charge, but someone who commits an act of anti-trans violence cannot.
  • Repeated efforts to add transgender Texans to the state hate crimes law have failed. Federal hate crimes law includes both sexual orientation and gender identity but can only be used here if federal law enforcement authorizes its application.
  • Any attack motivated by hatred of gender identity, orientation, or race should be treated as a hate crime in Texas. Period.

LGBT Rights

  • 2020 conservative Republican legislative sessions around the USA are full of anti-LGBT legislation which will be used by the Texas Republican legislators to drive an anti-LGBT agenda in 2021. We must elect LGBT and LGBT allied Democrats to fight for the rights of LGBT Texans to exist unencumbered by legal discrimination




  • Current funding will run out in two years. What happens to our teachers and our children then?
  • Current funding takes care of the larger school districts…but what about our local schools? 

Fully fund public schools. 

  • Increase the lottery tax (from 24% to 35%) and mandate that all revenue go directly to into the public education system as originally intended. 
  • Establish new grants for school districts seeking to expand mental health services for schools, especially in low-income communities. 
  • If you’re tired of being passed over and pushed aside by the powers that be in Austin, vote yourself a voice in a candidate who will fight for better teacher pay permanently. Not just a 2-year plan. 
  • Recently I participated in a fundraiser to help raise money for school supplies so our dedicated teachers would not have to pay for them. What is wrong with this picture? 
  • Expand in-school apprenticeship programs, partnering upperclassmen students with local businesses, unions  & nonprofits to develop work experience.  

Homeschool Rights.

  • Sports. Band. Debate club. Children who are home schooled should have the right to access extracurricular activities. Yet current regulations exclude them. This is not fair, and I will correct it!


Strengthen Our Economy

We should: 

  • Repeal “right-to-work” laws.
  • “Right-to-work” enables freeloaders to benefit from unions without contributing, and starves the union of the funds necessary to organize and raise wages & working conditions. 
  • 22 states do not have R2W laws. These states have higher wages & better working conditions. 
  • Establish a comprehensive plan to support apprenticeship programs, and integrate them into our broader state workforce strategy.  
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour and peg it to inflation.
  • Eliminate minimum wage exceptions for food service industries. 


Local Governments


  • To maximize our tax dollars and still be efficient and responsible we must strive to  work together with our cities, counties, school boards, and other local jurisdictions to ensure the basic needs and services are being allowed for our constituents. 
  • Local control is the heart of this. The State should never hamstring, circumvent, or retroactively undo decisions made by our local communities.


Common Sense Gun Reform

Gun ownership is our Constitutional right. 

Gun safety is our personal responsibility. 

  • Better gun safety training will prevent countless deaths and accidents. If we keep guns in our homes, we parents need to take responsibility for safely storing them, and training ourselves and our kids on proper use.
  • I will work to enact common sense gun safety protocols to keep our children safe.
  • I will also work to fix the gun show loopholes, so criminals and severely mentally ill patients will not have access to guns.

Legalized marijuana will bring revenue to the counties and state, by implementing a state tax.

Common Sense Marijuana Reform


  • Science has repeatedly proven the consumption of marijuana produces no adverse effects on personal health. Medical marijuana is an excellent pain reliever and can be used appropriately for a considerable variety of medical purposes, including Cancer, PTSD, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, And multiple other medical conditions.
  • Decriminalization and eventual legalization will reduce overcrowding and keep many otherwise law-abiding young people from being imprisoned instead of being productive members of society.
  • Legalized marijuana will bring revenue to the counties and state, by implementing a state tax on marijuana sales.


Property Taxes

  The largest portion of property taxes isn’t from cities or counties but our school districts, because year after year, the Texas Legislature has failed to properly fund our schools. If the state does not increase it’s funding, like it used to do, then either our schools will fail or local taxpayers will continue to pick up the tab. Capping property taxes from local jurisdictions, including our cities and school districts, undermines their ability to function and provide services needed for their county, for example, libraries. senior centers, or museums.   


Stop Corruption in Public institutions


  • Corruption is running rampant in our government. Elected officials are there to serve us, not to serve their own selfish interests. Send me to Austin and I will hold them accountable!
  • I will help protect whistleblowers with anonymous reporting and protections for doing the right thing.  


Pro-Choice Women's Rights

I have followed Anti-Abortion rants and people claiming that due to religion, they can deny abortions to women, no matter the reason that the woman is getting an abortion.
Whether it be because of the woman:

  • Is having complications with their pregnancy
  • The child will have conditions that will lead to a struggle to live for the child
  • The pregnancy is from a rape
  • it was an unwanted pregnancy
  • or the mother may die if they continue their pregnancy

No matter the reason a woman chooses to have an abortion, and believe me, I know it's a tough choice, no woman chooses to have an abortion, they are kinda forced into having one either because of their health, a pregnancy from rape, or whatever the reason, they do not make this decision lightly, this is a major decision, and they only make this decision as a last resort.

Women's Rights are Human Rights.

Women's Bodies, Women's Choice.

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