Addison 4 Texas View on the Issues

Equality, Diversity, LGBT.

Equal Rights for All Americans and Texans!

Equal Rights for All Americans and Texans!

Voter Rights!

Addison genuinely believes that Texas's Voter registration process is outdated; like 30 day waiting periods before voter registration is valid, Addison  believes we dearly need to properly implement an Automatic Voter Registration For Texan's and US Citizens! 

Equal rights for LGBT in Texas.

Addison Believes, that Equal rights should be naturally giving to LGBTQIA+, and by adding gender identity ot anti discrimination laws

Equal Rights for Everyone

Addison believes all people are American and that they all deserve similar rights. No matter the person's race, color, specific religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or sex. Anti-discrimination laws needs to be addressed, and we need to implement laws that protects every citizen, including adding gender identity to the laws

Racial/gender/orientation hate crime law

Texas does not have a hate crime law, we need to implement a law that states an attack because of gender identity, orientation, or race is treated as a hate crime, Too many transgender and LGBT people are murdered or beaten, and the laws gives minor sentences for these attacks.

Women's Rights!

Addison Believes, that women should be treated equally, in  employment, fair pay, and every key aspect of life, women should be treated equally with equal rights!

Employment and Healthcare Discrimination

Addison Believes, that discrimination in the workplace or health care system, should immediately stop. No matter what race, color, religion, transgender, LGBTQIA, all People should retain the similar Equal rights, As Americans, As Texans, They deserve Equal 


Vote for Addy in Election 2020 for Texas House of Representatives District 83


  • Marijuana
    Addison believes science has repeatedly proven the consumption of marijuana produces no adverse effects on personal health. Legalized marijuana is an excellent pain reliever and can be used appropriately for a considerable variety of medical purposes, including Cancer, PTSD, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, And multiple other medical conditions.
    Addison properly supports the decriminalization and then the subsequent legalization of legalized marijuana throughout Texas.
    No one should be thrown in jail for smoking marijuana. A cancer patient or a responsible person in considerable pain should be subject to possible prosecution for properly using marijuana to relieve pain.
    Legalization would naturally bring in local tax revenue and help to traditionally restrict the executive power of massive pharmaceutical companies, who only care about profit margins. Texas would be typically allowed to undoubtedly bring in taxes for the completed sale of legalized marijuana in Texas. To collect those taxes to adequately fund the official Texas budget, progressively improve local roads. An incredible abundance of considerable profit can be typically made from the legalization of legalized marijuana. Addison genuinely believes legalized marijuana should be typically restricted to anyone over the age of 21.

Abortion Rights and Affordable Healthcare

  • Healthcare

Addison believes every Texan should be allowed to get access to medical care.

Addison believes that Texas should expand Medicaid to the whole state, not just the unemployed or pregnant mothers, and that every low-income Texan should have access to get Medicaid. With current regulations, most people do not qualify for Medicaid!

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Addison believes that the ACA needs to stay in place, but improvements are needed like making it more affordable for low-income Texans, including Medicaid in the plan, and expanding Medicaid in Texas.

  • Healthcare Needs

We need equal access to medical care for low income, uninsured, and equal coverage statewide. We need coverage for uninsured Texans who cannot afford insurance and earn too much for state Medicaid. Coverage for LGBTQ persons is imperative.

  • Abortion Rights

Addison believes abortion should be allowed if, for example, a woman, is raped and does not want to endure the pain of bearing a child that she had not planned for.
Or in most cases, where there is no other choice but to have an abortion to safeguard the mother's life. Multiple times women have issues with pregnancies, and their body cannot handle the pregnancy.. Addison believes All women should have the choice to select if their life depended on it.
Pro-life says to deliver the baby, but if you deliver the baby and kill the mother, you are still killing a life.
This is where the woman and the doctor needs to confer on the best way to handle their situation.


College Affordability

make it affordable for any student to go to college for the future of their Life. They deserve a Education away from worry on how they will attend.  


Better pay for Texas Teachers, these people work hard for Texans Futures, They deserve a pay raise. They endure days and hours of work at a salary that is not that fair, that most have to have a second job to have enough income to live! Fund the current Fund for years, not year to year. With current funding, where is this funding coming from in 2021?  

School Districts

Better funding for Texas School Districts. Allowing school districts to get frequently required resources, make a more capable teacher/student ratio, cut down on teacher turnover! We demand better to pay for teachers for a more extended period, and more funding. Not just a 2 year plan but a longer plan. So not every legislative session has to fund this fund, but a continuous plan funded for years to come.  Get more teachers into the schools, cut down the rate of turnovers, and we need to give these teachers a fair wage for the work they do. These people are normally underpaid, and they deserve so much more. We need Equal rights in Schools. We need to stop the discrimination against LGBT and Transgenders. Elect the proper voice for Texans and District 83 in the Texas House of Representatives, Election 2020.  

Homeschool Rights.

The right to Select Home School,. The right to access Extra Curricular Activities by Homeschooled students. Protection for parents who homeschool.

Guns and the 2nd Admendment

2nd Amendment
Addison supports the 2nd Amendment, and gun ownership should be a constitutional right of Texans and Americans. Better safety training should be conducted for the safety of children in homes where guns are stored.Secure storage of guns in the house.

Too many accidents could be eliminated by merely Training kids/parents on proper use, or safely storing guns around kids.

Addison believes there needs to be an addition to the current background check, and fix the gun show loopholes, so criminals will not have access to Guns.

And stop the purchases through legal channels in which a severe mentally ill patient gets access to buy a gun legally.

Gun Reform

. I agree together we must make a plan to better control the purchase of these assault rifles, we must protect our kids, our mothers, our fathers, our people. The people of the USA.

  • We need better policies to be placed on the mentally ill to not allow them to purchase a weapon, we need better policies for violent felons charged with violent assault, domestic violence to stop them from legally purchasing a weapon if they are a threat to others.
  • We need policies to restrict who can purchase a weapon like an AK-47.
  • Together, with education, common-sense gun laws, restricting access to assault rifles, and stopping the mentally ill or violent from legally purchasing a gun, we can better protect the citizens.

Over the weekend 0f 8/3-5th, 2019, three mass shootings, dozens of deaths, even more, injured. Without common-sense gun reform, without the people of the USA standing up and stating they want to change, this will never stop, we as Americans must make A stand and help protect everyone. 

Renewable energy, oil, Infrastructure, Economy!

Our United States noted the consequences of a developed nation in the 20th century, as manufacturing produced waste and harmful byproducts.
Farmer lack the ability to decide if they want windmills or solar panels on their land.
Texans require renewable energy, and District 83 has a wind farm today, and is constantly building more.
District 83 maintains solar farms with plans to build more.
The Texas highways and roads are all in need of repair and must be maintained.
City/County Drainage issues need to be addressed.
And While Addison understands District 83 along with Texas depends on oil. As oilfield workers remain the one of the most massive jobs in Texas, Oil is not consistently going to be here.
Addison believes:
We need to make a plan for when the oil is unavailable, oil is not a renewable resource.
We should take action now, to make sure our district and Texas utilizes renewable energy in the future!
Along with the effects it has on our environment!

Many County and state bridges remain need of repair and must be addressed!

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