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Addison Perry-Franks 4 Texas

VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin

VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin

VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE District 83 needs real representation in Austin

Official Endosements

Texas Democratic Secular Caucus.



Texas AFl-CIO proudly Endorses Addison Perry-Franks for HD83 2020

Texas AFl-CIO proudly Endorses Addison Perry-Franks for HD83 2020

Houston GLBT Caucus PAC


Houston  GLBT Caucus PAC proudly Endorses Addison Perry-Franks for HD83 2020

FreeThought Equality Fund PAC


Equality Fund PAC

Addison Perry-Franks is running for the Texas State House in District 83. She runs a thriving IT solutions business and is very active in her community. She and her wife have five children and Addison came out as transgendered in May 2018. Her policy goals include expanding Medicaid and making healthcare affordable for all, fully funding public schools and increasing teacher pay, fighting corruption in our public institutions, enacting common sense gun control, adding gender identity to anti-discrimination laws, repealing “right-to-work” laws and raising the minimum wage, legalizing recreational marijuana, and combating climate change. Perry-Franks is Wiccan and a strong ally of the atheist and humanist community.

Texas Democrats with Disabilities


Texas Democrats with Disabilities is proud to announce our slate of endorsed candidates in the following races for the TX Democratic Primary, 2020. We know that these candidates get it and that together we will continue to fight for Disability Justice - and with the power of the Disability Vote, Texas will finally turn blue.

Zachary for Precinct Chair


For quite some time I have supported a candidate in Texas House District 83 without endorsing them. That will be until this point because I realize the power of endorsements and just what they can do.

Addison Perry-Franks is a good person that I think would bring a unique voice to Austin despite what some others may think of them just because of who they are. That being said, I’ve seen some of the policies they want to push fourth and what they would like to focus on in order to not just help her district but Texas as a whole.

We can elect progressives and we can elect people who simply want to do the right thing no matter the cost of doing it because they know it is right to do. Let me start off on their education policy because I am studying at a university to become an educator myself. They realize the struggles teachers face with some needing to get a second job in order to make ends meet and they also wish to be that politician that understands rural teachers. I am always all for increasing the pay of those who teach our kids and prepare them for a future that they can hardly begin to imagine.

In terms of health insurance we all know that if you want to quit a job you have to go to another one. The sad thing about that is you also lose insurance temporarily and that temporary loss some times is a detriment to people who have to have the insurance in order to be financially stable. I stand with the same belief that every Texan and including the low income ones should be able to have this insurance and that means expanding Medicaid as needed.

Costs of living in Texas keeps going up and yet earnings depending upon where one works at remains roughly the same with no way of being able to stand on your own two feet in any given time. I believe we need to help small businesses and I also believe we need to increase the wages of workers as best we can. The incumbent of House District 83 helped to pass legislation to force the small business to pay more in taxes and that is not right when there are bigger conglomerates who can afford it more.

Now, I may be a Democrat but I am also a human beforehand. That being said, as a human I understand that there is inequality and injustice inspired by such. We see it in the news every day and we see it in our government from the top and downward. In many legislative sessions there has been Anti-LGBT laws put in place and I fear that some in power will try to copy those laws. That is why I am supporting LGBT candidates and also making a stance of seeing them as humans first and foremost.

This is where I say that I endorse Addison Perry-Franks - Democrat For Texas HD83.

Official Recommendation


Looking at the field of races in Texas, HD83 is not a priority district because of how red it is. We

Looking at the field of races in Texas, HD83 is not a priority district because of how red it is. We want folks to know that you are the prochoice champion in this race but we cannot extend additional resources that would come with an endorsement. 

It has been wonderful getting to know you and your campaign through this process. After a lengthy discussion with the senior leadership team, #VOTEPROCHOICE has chosen to recommend you.   Earning a #VOTEPROCHOICE Recommendation means that when voters in your area use our digital Voter Guide, they will see a large green checkmark next to your name, encouraging them to vote for you. The Voter Guide will be advertised to prochoice voters and emailed directly to prochoice Democrats in your area. 

You can announce your #VOTEPROCHOICE recommendation on social media and on your website

Howard County Democrat Party


The Howard County Democrats, one of the most dynamic Democratic County Parties in western Texas, are pleased to have voted to give this LETTER OF SUPPORT to ADDISON PERRY-FRANKS in her run for Texas House of Representatives District 83.

We believe that ADDISON PERRY-FRANKS brings fresh vision and ideas to the race,and will be an asset to the Texas House of Representatives when she wins her seat in November.

The Howard County Democrats urge all Democrats and all Texans in Texas House District 83 to support ADDISON PERRY-FRANKS in the upcoming Democratic Primary on March 3, and in the General Election in November.

Ben Zeichick, Chairman

for the Howard County Democrats

Big Spring, Texas

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