Perry-Franks Congratulates Dustin Burrows for 2020.

Press Release

For Immediate Release1


Earlier this week, I had an incident where some of the votes took away from Mr. Dustin Burrows and me.

After careful investigating and talking to individuals involved in the Elections at the County level, I have come to understand what had happened to the votes that went missing.

I now understand the issues that had happened, and I want to thank the people involved, especially Melody, The Scurry County Clerk, for answering my questions and letting me know what had happened.

While the outcome was not what I wanted, The race was fun, challenging, and very informative. The race for Texas House HD83, 2020 was very hectic, had its issues due to COVID-19, and while we all had to learn a new way of campaigning and to get the voters to know each of us, it was fun, and it definitely worth the fight that I endured.

Mr. Burrows was a great opponent; unlike some in the state, he was civil, and we did not have any arguments during the race. I want to congratulate Representative Dustin Burrows and wish him well on the next term; I ask that he considers the needs of this district and the rural towns.

I want to add that I will continue fighting for what is right and that I and the constituents of HD83 and Texas wish he would take into consideration the wants and the needs of the LGBT community; we are not trying to push our agenda on kids in school, we are not trying to make your children gay, lesbian, or transgender,

We simply want to live our lives as we are comfortable. We ask that you consider that during the 87th session and make sure our rights are protected and that we can live as human beings without worrying about what rights we have; we ask that you add Gender Identity to hate crime laws, that we have the same rights as any other Texan, and That we have access to the healthcare that we desperately need.

This is my list of what the constituents want for HD83 and Texas, and I ask for the people that you, Mr. Burrows consider, and Vote Yes to pass these common-sense laws and amendments.

Thank you, Mr. Burrows, for the race to The Texas House. I truly thank you for your expertise and your consideration; I may not have won this race for House. But, I have let the voters know that someone cares about their wants and needs. In this Conservicte Red district, I got almost 17,000 votes being a transgender female and a Democrat.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I want to let everyone know that come 2022; you will see my name Addison Perry-Franks on the ballot. For what race, I do not know yet, but You will see me again.

Congratulations again, Mr. Burrows, and I wish you luck in the days as we advance.

Here are the items that we, the constituents in HD83 and Texas, want you to help pass during your time in the 87th session:

Here are the items that we, the constituents in HD83 and Texas, want you to help pass during your time in the 87th session:
  1. Pass expanded Medicaid for all hard-working people that cannot afford insurance or medical care.
  2. Pass a higher minimum wage, maybe starting at $10 in 2021, increasing a $1 a year to $15 in 2026, and then increasing according to inflation.
  3. Add gender identity to hate crime laws, add non-discrimination laws for all LGBTQ individuals, including transgender protections and bathroom protection for Transgender and Intersex individuals.
  4. Working with the AFL-CIO to enact policy and getting union programs and training into high schools and colleges. Along with getting mentorship programs and early education to individuals who may be interested in joining a union.
  5. Make sure to fund public schools, give more teacher pay raises, uphold and give the cost of living, increase teacher retirement, and make premiums for insurance more affordable.
  6. Legalizing Recreational Marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older, this will allow the state to tax the product and can fund hospitals, schools, or road repairs, using the money from the legal sale of marijuana, and also letting people in jail for these crimes, having their records expunged for this low-level crime, and allowing the people to go home, and freeing up the prisons and jails across the state.
  7. Working with Disability groups to make sure that people with disabilities have access to the resources that they need. Making places of business and other entities more ADA compliant and helping people with disabilities get disability payments easier, as Texas is one of the worst states to qualify for disability.
  8. Pass common-sense laws pertaining to access and availability of necessary prescriptions, and help curb the inflation of needed prescription drugs.
  9. Stop fighting the war on drugs so much with taxpayer money, focus that money on other issues, the opioid crisis, funding public schools, etc.
  10. Justice Reform, getting rid of minimum sentences for low-level nonviolent crimes in including possession of controlled substances, or other nonviolent crimes.
  11. Rewrite the law where domestic violence cases. where the law has to arrest someone they deem to be a threat, as I know several people arrested falsely accused of assault when they never touched their loved ones.

I want to thank everyone, and I want to let you know everyone will see me in 2022, as I will be here to fight for you again, and I will run, and I will win my next election. See you in 2022.

Addison Perry-Franks
The Voice for the People.

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Addison Perry-Franks won’t prematurely congratulate Burrows-recount needed.

Press Release
For Immediate Release.

I am writing this after the election results were finalized; sorry for the delay. I want to start by saying, “This has been fun; running against Mr. Burrows and it was informative; it was a decent clean race, and I respect Rep. Burrowsfor being civil during this race, as many were not throughout Texas.

I have not said he clearly won the race yet, as there is a discrepancy in the polls from last night and today, and I really want to investigate it before declaring Burrows the winner.

in Scurry County Last Night,
You can clearly see 91% reporting, and yes, I was still losing in Scurry County, but I had 46.8% of the vote: Terry County and Lubbock County was not even counted yet, and this is what ut said last night when Lubbock County reported, at 65.1% complete.

I had 24% of the votes. but still, areas hadn’t reported and this sounded and looked wrong to me. This morning when I woke up and check it now says :

Scurry County went from 4369 votes to 769 overnight, and Lubbock County and total votes Went down for both Mr. Burrows and me.

Votes were taken away from both of us; I understand a takeoff of a few here or there entered incorrectly, but almost 2500 for Dustin Burrows, and 4000 total votes for me taking off, along with 4369 votes taking away from me in Scurry County, not even to mention if this happened in other counties.

So I am asking for this to be investigated and recounted in full in all 7 counties. Once this is completed, I will congratulate Mr. Burrows if he did win; I,+ Addison Perry-Franks, do not want to congratulate a winner now, with these questions remaining.

If he wins, Great, I have no bad blood over that, but I want the true, accurate counts to be published if they were, in fact, changed.

In closing, the true count could’ve had me win, or it could’ve shown I had a higher percentage of votes than 20.7%, and he still won; either way, I want the truth to be known.


Addison Perry-Franks
Candidate HD83 State House 2020

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Vote for Texas state house of representatives, District 83.

Today is the Most important election of anyone’s lives. We have to vote; we have to make sure we get the correct people elected, people who will hold your best interests at heart. Vote for me for your next Texas state house of representatives, District 83.

Today, go vote for A President and a Vice President, Along with the US Senate, and US Congress, and Texas Senate, and Texas state house of representatives.

In the future, I will continue doing what I did for the primary election, I will not spend thousands on unneeded marketing and ads blasting my opponent, I will continue to block walk along with volunteers, covering every house in District 83, I will stay positive, and I will, in turn, WIN November.

But, I can only do this with the help of my supporters, along with my team getting voters to the polls, to be your next Texas state house of representatives. canvassing every neighborhood, and getting out the word that I am the right candidate for district 83 and Texas. I need everyone involved to get your friends to vote, get my campaign known by your friends, and best of all, Vote Blue!

I am running to be your next Texas state house of representatives. for not only HD83 but for all of Texas. We need a representative that worries about the constituents in their home town and all constituents in HD83 and all of Texas. I will be that representative. My Policies and issue that I want to bring to the Texas House when elected in November are what are important to everyday people all over the state.

Low-cost insurance options;
stopping high deductibles and high premiums, along with expanding Texas Medicaid for all low-income families and individuals. People ask how I plan to fund this when elected. If we expand Medicaid.

We would get the Federal funding for a Federal program instead of getting partial funding and the state having to fund its majority. Without Rural hospital districts having multiple unpaid medical bills from people that cannot afford care and that use the Emergency room as a doctors office, this, in turn, will cut down the amount of taxes needed by the hospital district, thus, in turn, lowering taxes brought to you by the hospital district.

Higher, livable minimum wage;
As citizens in Texas, we should not have to work multiple jobs to afford our housing cost, rent, utilities, etc. Almost every person has to work at least 2 jobs just to pay monthly housing costs while not having enough for medical, car payments, groceries, or whatever it may be.

This is where we need a higher minimum wage for all workers in the state of Texas. With a higher minimum wage, yes, some business might go up a little on their products, like restaurants, etc. but Most tell me they would have to go up an average of $1.25 on a dinner plate. I think we can manage this if we are making enough; with housing costs and food cost now and the minimum wage staying the same for 11 years, we can barely afford anything but our housing costs.

Better School Funding for the long term;
With HB3, we gave school districts more funding. Still, along with this, we also cut funding from other areas of the schools, we cut certain funding to give more for HB3, and this is only for the 2019-2020 period; the school district is worrying where the money will come from next session as the House has to pass funding for the schools again.

Elect me for your next Texas state house of Representatives; VOTE YOURSELF A VOICE OF TRUTH AND HONESTY; this will be the biggest election of all time; vote like your lives depend on it. Vote for equality, vote for equal rights, vote for your rights for life, We can do better than this, HB3 helped school districts a lot, but we must add to it, fully fund for the long term, without cutting funds from other programs. Thus, equal teacher pay across the state keeps the district teachers, instead of teachers moving to a larger district to get more pay. We need to provide the resources needed for teachers to teach their classes. And now let’s talk about our retired teachers; they need a cost of living increase, which they haven’t received in years, lower insurance premiums, lower deductibles, lower co-pays.

We need to keep the retirement system that we have in place but add to it to make it better; switching to a 401K system, as some representatives have said, will make the retirement unstable and make teachers worry if they will receive a retirement fund, etc.

Local Governments;
Local Governments exist for that reason to run the city or county; we elect officials at a city and county level; if we are unhappy with the job they are doing, make your voice heard, petition them, show up at meetings, and be a voice for change. If that doesn’t work, we elect new people at every election.

This is what local government is for; we as a state should not control what a Local Government wants to do with their city or county; representatives have been angry because the federal government is trying to control Texas. Still, at the same time, these same representatives are trying to control local cities and counties.

These are not all the issues that I want to cover. When I win 2020, if you want to find out more about my policies and wants for the constituents in HD83 and Texas, you can check out my issue page on my website: or my Facebook page You can also reach me at 806-319-9103 or via email at I am always open to any questions you have and will always answer any question presented to me.

Addison Perry-Franks
Democratic Candidate for Texas Hd83
Election 11/3/2020

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Caleb De Casper Endorses Addison Perry-Franks’s Campaign

Official release from Caleb De Casper regarding Addison Perry-Franks’ campaign for Texas House.

Hello, I’m texas celebrity superstar musician Caleb the Casper, and I just wanted to take a minute to make a video uh to let you guys know that my good friend Addison Perry-Franks is running for the texas house of representatives in district 83

so on Tuesday, make sure that you go out and show up and vote for my friend Addison Perry-Franks um she’s doing really important work right now um being visible for the queer community, being visible for the trans community um going door to door meeting her neighbors and letting them know that she stands for them and she will work for them, and queer people aren’t scary how about that

So yeah, show up for her. She’s got a good platform for healthcare education and economy, and I believe she’ll do the best that she can with what she’s provided to really bring it for the people of Texas, especially in district 83. all right, you know what to do bye.

Campaign name: Addison Perry-Franks for Texas

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