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Addy's Platform


Education matters, not a two-year plan like Rep. Dustin Burrows created, but a Long term plan.


Better pay for Texas Teachers- they work hard for Texans’ futures. Teachers deserve a pay raise. They endure long hours at a salary that is not equitable and most have to have a second job just to generate enough income to live!

We need better pay for teachers permanently, not just a 2-year plan. We need a continuous plan that is funded for years to come. Texas needs to get more teachers into the schools, cut down the rate of turnovers, and give these teachers a fair wage for the work they do. Our teachers deserve so much more. We need equal rights in schools and to stop discrimination against LGBTQ students.

School Districts

Better funding for Texas School Districts- allowing school districts to get much needed resources, a better teacher/student ratio, and cut down on teacher turnover!

Home school Rights

The right to home school your children.

The right to access extra-curricular activities by home schooled students.

Protection for parents who home school.

Elect the right voice for Texans and District 83 in the Texas House of Representatives, in 2020.


Medicaid expansion, low-cost insurance, and prescriptions. Let's make a plan not excuses like Rep. Dustin Burrows.


Addison believes every Texan should be allowed to get access to medical care.

Addison believes that Texas should expand Medicaid to the whole state, not just the unemployed or pregnant mothers, and that every low-income Texan should have access to get Medicaid. With current regulations, most people do not qualify for Medicaid!

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Addison believes that the ACA needs to stay in place, but improvements are needed like making it more affordable for low-income Texans, including Medicaid in the plan, and expanding Medicaid in Texas.

Healthcare Needs

We need equal access to medical care for low income, uninsured, and equal coverage statewide. We need coverage for uninsured Texans who cannot afford insurance and earn too much for state Medicaid. Coverage for LGBTQ persons is imperative.


Boost the economy, let's not make excuses like Dustin Burrows, the poverty rates in rural Texas are real!


Fair compensation for residents of Texas

Poverty levels in the District and in Texas are shameful!

We need to promote local business and small businesses and better the economy- the costs of living, housing costs and utility rates are going up, while the earnings are staying the same.

We need to grow our economy, reduce poverty in Texas and rural areas, and require equal pay for all Texans.



There's much to see here on Addison 4 Texas. So, take your time, look throughout, and learn all there is to understand concerning us. We hope you enjoy our position and take a moment to drop us a line.

Addison Perry-Franks

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