Addison Perry-Franks

Texas House of Representatives HD83

Addy's Platform


Education for all! Addison Perry-Franks for Texas HD83

When teachers need to take on a second job just to support their families…it’s time for a change.   


  • It’s time for a candidate who understands our rural community and how we need to help our schools.

  • I will fight for better pay for teachers for our community…not just the larger school districts. 

  • I will fight for better teacher pay permanently. Not just a 2-year plan. 


Medicaid expansion, low-cost insurance, and prescriptions. Let's make a plan not excuses like Rep. Dustin Burrows.

When getting a job means losing health insurance…it’s time for a change.

  • I believe every low-income Texan should have access to Medicaid, not just the unemployed or pregnant mothers. 

  • With current regulations, people earning over $208 a month lose their Medicaid -- leaving many of us in a terrible bind: either stay unemployed or lose health insurance!

  • I will fight to expand Medicaid to help our working families.


Boost the economy, let's not make excuses like Dustin Burrows, the poverty rates in rural Texas are real!

When the cost of living goes up but earnings stay the same…it’s time for a change.

  • As a small business owner, I experience first-hand how current policies make it harder to start and grow a business here in Scurry County. 

  • My opponent just helped pass legislation that forces small business owners like me to pay more taxes. This is no way to grow our local economy!
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